In the repository all kinds of teaching material can be found, or uploaded, for the organization of instruction sequences in information literacy. These range from simple text documents to complex e-learning units which were created by experienced professionals and proven in practice. For uploading documents authentication by AAI is required.

Contributions to the repository

All persons who are engaged in the development of information literacy and have created new material for a course are invited to upload these documents in the repository. The help feature in the context of each upload step helps facilitate the upload process.

Repository and SWITCHcollection

All material uploaded via this portal are also part of the SWITCHcollection. Authorised people who enter documents in the database place these in the folder Information Literacy at the University of Zurich during the upload process in the Switch Database. These documents and documents without reference to information literacy of other universities can be sought in the SWITCHcollection. Subsequent amendments to the data entered can only be made via the SWITCHcollection.