People who teach information literacy should have the necessary expertise as well as pedagogical knowledge. This knowledge may be acquired through a university course in information science or through targeted training courses, one path not precluding the other.

Various universities in Switzerland offer degree programmes in information science and training opportunities in information literacy.
The HTW Chur and the Haute école de gestion de Genève (HEG) offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in information science. People with an apprenticeship in information and documentation, and university entrance qualification may enter the bachelor’s course. People from other professional and study fields may be accepted into the course during a years’ internship.

The University of Berne und die University of Zurich offer continuing education courses in information science. The emphasis in Berne is more on archival science and in Zurich the emphasis is more on library science.

The desired skills and abilities for people who provide information literacy in tertiary education are described in the following documents:

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